Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality to the Core

  • Words Doctorate respects the privacy of every student the visitor. We provide the manner which your data is stored and utilized by our website. Every student is advised to read the website privacy policy and understand it. With this, the services provided by Words Doctorate let you accept the collection and utilize your data as per the terms mentioned in the policy.

We wish you to be:

  • Comfortable while using every service on our website.
  • Contact us for queries and privacy.
  • Know about the website as you are yielding to the collection of particular data.
  • We will receive and collect particular anonymous details automatically in standard usage logs of our web servercomputer-identificationcation information which is obtained from the cookies sent to your browser.
  • We will never share any of your details with your email address any time.
  • No one is specified with the idea about the way you have used the service of our website unless you spread a word from your side.
  • Only confidential information is disclosed when we are legally required to perform it as per the court of law.

Public forum

  • Words Doctorate offers accessible blogs and you need to be aware that, any of the information provided by you on these areas can be read, gathered, and then applied by others who contact Toder to remove the personal information from the community forum or blog, feel free to contact us through email. In certain cases, we fail to remove the personal information of the student where we let you know the reason for not removing it.

Policy updates

  • We update the order to reflect the changes to every information practice of ours. In case, if any of the material changes are made, we notify it through emarough a notice flashed on the website to view and follow. Well, we encourage you to periodically review the policy and the updated information on our privacy policy.


  • Please note that the final thesis[ dissertation ], paper, and research work you receive is a model of a document that can be written on a given topic. All thesis [ dissertation ], papers, and research work, we provide are for your research or reference and may not be submitted as your pieces of writing. We never encourage or participate in any acts of academic dishonesty as we adhere to the copyright laws. When ordering with Words Doctorate, you agree to properly cite all ideas from the products you receive.
  • If any materials you receive from us are used illegally or unethically, Words Doctorate / Words Engineer and our partners will not be liable for the inappropriate use of such materials.  Words Doctorate / Words Engineer will not be liable for any losses or damages including poor grading, plagiarism issues, work rejection, academic probation/expulsion/suspension, loss of any awards or scholarships, etc. It means that the Client/Users /Visitors of our Website / Company will be solely responsible for any losses or damages caused by the wrongful use of the provided materials.
  • In case you used the file that was delivered and received a low grade/rejected or an unaccepted, you will not be eligible for a refund as we do not guarantee any particular grades.

Fair Information Practices

  • The Fair Information Practices Principles form the backbone of privacy law in the United States and the concepts they include have played a significant role in the development of data protection laws around the globe. Understanding the Fair Information Practice Principles and how they should be implemented is critical to complying with the various privacy laws that protect personal information.
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