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Being the pioneer of Completed PhD Solution, we are perfectionist to providing the professional service with support to the students from starting to end.

To maintain work quality and professionalism we have rules as below:-


  • We deliver work with plagiarism report which means that, our each page has Plagiarism Report.
  • If there is no research on the student topic, then it is not possible to accept, so will be offered with the other topic as per the suitable criteria.
  • We are working on university guidelines for which the students must forward university guide line with guide vision.
  • Students must take approval on the outline of whole project so it will be very helpful to create fast track of project from the beginning to the end.
  • Each project has schedule, student should follow schedule for payment – work rule. With this each term work should check by Guide – Supervisor or university head.
  • We offer time to check delivered work by the guide – supervisor or the university head for the approval.
  • After the approval of the delivered work, we take step ahead for the next level of the project, through which, we maintain project quality till the end of project as well as student will get easily approval from the supervisor – a guide – or the university.
  • We believe to deliver quality work which needs time, if we would not deliver quality work in deadline, so will be not accept the projects.
  • We don’t charge extra on short deadline, but strive to deliver quality for which we require proper time.

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